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Plays & Writings

On this page, you will find a collection of work produced and performed throughout the years. The great Metaphysician Florence Shiven Shinn once wrote about the importance of Metaphysical Plays and works of Art. 

They are to open up our psyche and consciousness, as well as to help us tap into the unknown layers within ourselves. By reading, listening, and watching we are bearing witness to who we are as a humanity and what more we can become...

@CopyRight 2023 Mandy Shantyne Lopez

My Recent Projects:

The Soul Effect, "Esto No Es Polanco"

The 1st of a Thilogy Series, Published and available on

Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This Mythology is all about understanding our Soul and the Effects it has on our past, present, and future lives. As well as a deeper understanding of how our relationship with each other all play a role in our overall Soul Journey and Exploration. 


Mandy's voice has been featured as a Voice Over Artist in over 40 Audio Drama Series on the International Headfone App.

Most Recently, her original story, The Soul Effect was turned into a seven-episode series. 

Transmutation of the Cosmos

This Book to Exhibit piece contained an immersive visual and sound experience. Each Track took the audience on a journey to The Transmutation of their inner and outer cosmic self.
Featured in the Southern borderlands of El Paso, Tx & Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. Themes include Alchemy, Shadow Self, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hermetic principles. 

The Transmutation of Lucy

Mujers Cosmicas
(original Book written by Hilda Sotelo Phd) 

This material inspired my creative mind to take the characters and transmute them from Dark to Light. This allowed me to write a backstory as to why these women were misunderstood, in pain, or portrayed as villains. 
The main character Lucy here shares a deep and heartbreaking monologue from her journey through the karma of her cosmic self into the freedom of her transmutation. 

Thus, from the book came an exhibit, a sound & visual journey, and a sequel alternate-dimensional story, Serpent Tongues. 

Serpent Tongues: The Counterpart Game

The third installment of the inspired Mujeres Cosmicas series leads us to my audio script, Serpent Tongues. This journey takes the main character Lucy to a reality where she is head of the LAB of EDEN. Here she works with Adam & Eve on understanding the energetics that makes up the Masculine & Feminine. Lucy herself is faced with awakening her own truth, of being a yin-yang twin part of the cosmic counterpart game. 
Themes include Twin Souls, Esoterica, Magnetism & Energetics, the Chakras, and the Buddhist white tara. 


Cosmic Women Magazine

Cosmic Women Magazine was birthed out of the thread of all the Mujeres Cosmica writings and exhibits. I was able to include many women literally from all over the world. Demonstating the vast terrrain that Cosmic Women occupy and that each have an amazing  purpose and skill to offer the planet. You can read all issues here: 

Transmissions of a Cosmic Woman PODCAST

Transmissions of a Cosmic Woman Podcast became a portal for conversations about metaphysical Arts and Sciences. As well as a platform for guests in the Holistic fields to share their knowledge and talents. I served as the writer and host. Produced by The Dialogue Internet Radio, episodes are still available on  Spotify. Along with my most recent scripted podcasts, Kosmic Native Conversations, and Metaphysical CQ. 

The Holy Paradox
Meditations & Activations

The Holy Paradox is a series of Tracks for the purpose of Sound Healing. I wrote these tracks for those who may want a jump start to their day, need a moment of ease, or simply a pep talk to get your back to your best self. This set will be re-released and re-mastered with better and deeper sound quality. The new version will give the listener a more profound experience of binaural beats and sound bowls. 


Aurandera is a play on words with the energetic Aura and Cuandera (Mexican Medicine woman).

In this text, we go through the journey of Solaris Marine as she connects to her higher self in order to understand the multitude of her existence. Through the themes of Mexican folklore, Ayahuasca Visions, Sound Bowls, and native flutes & drums, we are transformed into a world of wonder and past through our own shadows. 

A Journey from HigherSelf to Self

In progress...

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Elixir Fusion: For The Infinite Artist
Metaphysical Art writings & blogs

This series of Blogs was a collection from my Metaphysical perspective from 2012-2017. I found it amazing how the themes were some what Fringe back then. Today they would be right on time with the turning of the age. 
Download PDF Here: 

@Copyright Mandy Shantyne Lopez

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