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The Portal
For Creative Intelligence

Imagine if you will...

An activated Portal for the purpose of learning about what we were never taught in school. The study of the

4- Bodies: Mind, Emotions, Physical Body, and Energy Body. 

The very fundamentals of BEING a Human were skipped in this sense. Disregarding the purpose of all our senses (including Intuition), and the focus of our Left & Right brain working incongruence to access Creative Intelligence: CQ. 

All our services are both in the Lab/Gallery and/or Online... 

whether in town or off in another city, state, or country. The Portal has resources and content to assist in the extension of the education of self

No matter the profession, performance study, age, or absolutely green to the concept (new). The study of the Mind-Body-Soul system is a tool for everyone to grow and prosper. Variations of application, study, and experiences are cultivated in the realms of  Vibrations & Frequency, Sound Healing, Tuning Forks, Aromatherapy CBD Oxygen, Chakra Study, Color Therapy, Awareness, Manifestation, Spirit Science, Practical Arts, Performance Arts, Writing, Movement, Metaphysical Philosophy and text. 



The Portal provides a Lab experience in the sense that class sessions, workshops, private group/ individual sessions, and online streaming... All serve as a tool to discover, investigate, collect data, and grow. 

Exploring how far our mind, body, and energy can evolve itself in practical mechanics and supernatural development.


The Portal is simultaneously a Gallery for all genres of Art. Featuring local artists to display their unique artistry and dressing up the space with contemporary aesthetics. 

Which also lends itself to Lecture series, Exhibit experiences, and workshop creation space. 

The Practical Aspect Serves as a Space to Create and apply visions into form. The Portal has its own line of Aura Energy Body Products such as Aura Cleansing Sprays, Crystal Charged Soap, Bath Salts, Altar Tools, Aromatherapy Sprays, Cleansing Clays, yoga/movement ware, and


Along with creating content via media, voice, podcast, literature design, writing material, and educational development courses and tools. 

For Online Members unable to physically be at the Portal location... we offer online resources, store, gifts, live streaming, and membership for growth and development. 


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