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The Alchemy of Oils during the celebration of the birth of Christ...

If we were to direct our attention to the Historical depiction of the creation and birth of Christ. We would find a theme of oils, herbs, and botanicals mentioned by various characters. The most famous and well-known to our knowledge and psyche are Frankincense and Myrrh. These oils were gifts to Mary of Nazareth from the three Magi or three kings. They of course also included the element of Gold. Which is AU in the periodic table for the representation of Gold.

Gold is said to have healing properties when curing wounds and infections. It is a transitional metal and represents a high vibrational frequency. In the metaphysical sense for those who wear it correctly, it magnitizes wealth and luck. Finally, it is symbolically associated with the Sun, for Gold/AU and Sun are speculated to be made up of one of the same matter in material composition. The Sun is what lights up and sustains the life of this world and this whole Solar System experience. As well as the connection to Christ, his representation as the esoteric symbol for the Sun, Source, RA, and Anointed one.

The gifts of the 3 Magi are most intriguing because of the PURPOSE within each of them individually. The Frankincense and Myrrh could have been given in botanical form or already in the form of oils. Whether in plant form or oil, perhaps the aromas of either form were still very potent. The three kings knew the healing properties of Frankensece and Myrrh were not only for anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antiseptic, and even anxiolytic and anti-neurotic effects. But also for the Spiritual component, it is used in ceremonies with individuals to express freedom of expression and clarity. The resin of Frankensence repairs protects and heals. That trifecta would cover all the bases for the healing and protection of the vessel (Yeshua) who was cultivating Christ Conciousness.

These three gifts of 2 oils and 1 elemental were presented at the birth of Jesus. The oils were also used to anoint an initiate into the fullness of their full embodiment here on the planet, in this life reincarnation. Botanicals, Oils, Aromas, Metals, Metaphysical Protection, Physical Healing...

They were the themes of the first celebration of the birth of Christ.

And here we are...

Still living in the wholeness and healing properties of the Botanicals of Hemp and

CBD oils of AURA.

CBD Cannabidiol {Botanical Representation}

AU Gold {element given to Yesuha the Christ}

RA Sun {The giver of life}

It is evident, the three wise men knew what would be most beneficial to Mary in order for her to have the elements for a top-shelf apothecary. Now I would add CBD (AURA) to your treasure trove of anointed ancient healing oils and daily rituals.

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