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Metaphysical Mondays & Practical Tools Tuesday

Join the Kosmic Native Conversation on Mondays for Metaphysical Mondays. In the theme of the season, Mandy discusses the darker aspects of Cosmology. Never to invoke fear, but to stand in the point of EMPOWERMENT, but understanding the nature of the reality in the realms of Cosmology.

As she explores and explains this week's theme of "The 8th Sphere", she also provides the follow-up with, "Tuesday's Practical Tool".

Tools used for the practicality and grounding of some of this metaphysical work and concepts. So we are all able to conceptualize through the mental, feel it in our physical and emotional body, and secure the life force of our SOUL.

Here at The Portal for Creative Intel (onsite or online), we promote the overall Evolution of our best and highest selves. Preparing us for whatever this reality and life exploration throws our way. We are so well equipt for the battles/lessons of our inner and outer worlds. We just need to know how to navigate through them and how to apply the practical tools! Join Mandy on the journey to collect our soul pieces and revitalize our life force, for this life and the next. This podcast episode can be found on the Kosmic Native page on this site, or at

or Spotify: Kosmic Native Conversations

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