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Holiday Gifts With A Purpose

The Holiday Season is upon us! Where has the time gone?!

Although our time is not linear it is a spiral, it STILL races fast and before we know it we are once again getting ready for shopping, gifts, and Holiday cheer! This November the Portal CI offers the option to get all your gifting done online. Why not give a Purposeful Gift to your loved ones? :)

Yes, we live in the Material world, and as Genisha would say, "I am in this world but not of it."

So as we practice our holistic Spiritual practices we can still have a balance of the beauty of all worlds. My suggestion is that of a gift with a purpose for the mind, body, and soul. Here are some suggestions:

For the Mind | Body| Aura:

Aura CBD

Aura CBD is a great way to incorporate the healing remedy of Botanicals in the form of CBD oil. Our in-house Aura CBD comes in two flavors: Unflavored which is great to take straight or to incorporate in your tea, smoothie, food, or water. It is a self-organizing remedy that helps with inflammation, sleep deprivation, stress to the nervous system, and much more.

Another flavor in stock is our Immunity oil. Which is in the flavor of Ginger, Tumeric, and Lemon! Such an awesome combination of flavors with immunity properties for the immune system. A great boost to start your day and keep you rejuvenated. All oils have MCT oil as their base, which if this is new to you, is GREAT for the Brain.

CBD oil is safe for everyone and does not have the "high" effects of THC. It is simply the derivative of the healing aspect extracted from the medicinal hemp factor.

This product ships all over the US and is legal all over the country. It is basic remedy that should be kept in your very own Apothecary cabenet & supply.

Aura CBD is also used in our Aromatherapy Oxygen experience at The Portal CI gallery. If you are in town (for aromatherapy), you may also purchase a gift card for yourself or your loved one.

Aura CBD gifts over $88 receive a Aura CBD Chocolate bar in Dark Chocolate and Cherry.

(While supplies last)

We hope to see you here at The Portal CI Gallery or Online for workshops, lectures, and online shopping! Tag @ThePortalCI on Instagram with the pictures of your gifts and products! See you soon!

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