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Creative Quotient || Consciousness Quotient

Self Mastery & Soul Healing

The Soul Effect
"Esto No Es Polanco"

A Modern-Day Mythology reveals the many depths of the Soul and its Effects. Set in various parts of Mexico, this story unfolds the inner and outer worlds of Solaris Marine. A journey of fiction, which takes the reader on a plant medicine trip through the chakras and to the multidimensionality of the ancient past and current present. 

Available Now in Paperback and Hardcover:
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A Seven Episode Audio Experience. 

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Creative Intelligence: the ability to produce new products, and ideas, or invent a new, novel solution to a problem. creativity: the ability to generate, create or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities. As important as IQ & EQ,
CQ is the Creative Quotient. 

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Consciousness Quotient: The ability to understand the self. Exploring concepts such as KARMA, Energy Field, Awareness, Collective consciousness, Mind-Body correlation, and the Art of Human potential.

The AURA Room


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Self Mastery &
Soul Alchemy

Tools & Resources

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Welcome to the CQ Portal,

Thank you for taking the time to invest in the Self Mastery and Soul Alchemy of your own being. 

The world is certainly changing and we are evolving and changing with it. My goal for us here at the CQ Portal is to create tools and resources for everyone to be able to tap into their best selves and meet their highest potential. In order to do that we must work on what might be holding up back in our minds and understanding the duality and paradox of ourselves. 

We will also explore the grand mechanism that is our physical human body and the Aura of Energy that sets the tone for how and what gets created into our lives. 

We are fully creating our lives from moment to moment. 

It is here where we are responsible for our actions and inactions. 

This is why understanding Creative Quotient is so important and USEFUL to us. We can dive into the way reality forms and shapes itself according to our will. As well as the subjects that don't ever get addressed, like our Shadow (Subconscious Mind), Transmutation (how we can change the energy and circumstance around us), Karma both negative and positive, and how it plays a role in our lives. 

Finally, the Healing Arts and why it is needed in all facets of our lives. This is all cultivated in CQ, the Creative Quotient, and most importantly Consciousness Quotient. 

Let's Alchemize together and develop a strong, powerful, and Mindful inner world, so we may project that into the outer world. 

And, that my friends is how we change the world!

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the opportunity to

 "Know they Self". 

There is no better time then the Present...

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Healing Arts for Behavior Health Centers is a

Workshop and Seminar Experience.


This experience is dedicated to teaching staff, counselors, and leaders of behavioral health companies how to create and facilitate healing arts in the workplace. What if you could offer an in-house curriculum that patients would benefit from day to day? This workshop comes with a textbook guide, videos, and in-person coaching on how to establish activities such as sound healing, visuals for healing and mindfulness, aromatherapy, and creative outlets for a structured day-to-day class. The key is to teach the staff you already have to incorporate the healing arts modalities, as well as know what instruments and tools will be needed to build the program. It has been proven that behavioral health patients from childhood to adulthood benefit greatly from having outlets of art, music, and movement in their daily routines.

This guided session can be taught in person or online.

Duration of time: 3 days (in person)

*All sessions include coaching follow-up to be used for a 6-month duration. To include questions and adjustments to the programs.*

Click on Book and send me your questions about Rates, Group Size, and Location.

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Cultivate the CQ of your entire Staff or Business Group with this

Seminar and Workshop.

The modality of activating the Creative Quotient is about opening the pathways for the individual to understand their own greatness. When we are shown a mirror of ourselves, our behaviors, and our actions, we are able to identify where it is we need work. This workshop awakens the group to the final piece of the full human puzzle. When an individual is aware of their mind (thoughts), behaviors (emotions and actions), and that there is something bigger than all of us (that creative power that creates worlds). It is then that we can set the holistic aspect of ourselves to make better choices, shift our minds from negative to positive, and challenge ourselves to become better than we were yesterday.


How can we eliminate a toxic work environment if we are not able to first identify the toxicity within ourselves?


How can we regenerate ourselves year after year and become top innovators in our field?


How can we create a holistic cohesive network within our workplaces where everyone loves to produce their best every day?


All of this can be answered, worked on, and fashioned with the knowledge and application of team building within the company, self-examination and self-responsibility within the individual, and effective communication and consideration within the collective group.  

Most importantly, give your staff and leaders the tools to make creative and just decisions when faced with a challenge or problem.

Take positive control of your energetic office environment and watch how everyone flourishes.


Large Group & Small Group Sessions Available


In-person Seminar and Workshop: 3 Days

Click Book and inquire about group size, rates, and location

Sound & Aroma Experience

Is facilitated for Individuals, small & large groups, Staff Development, and Studio Theatre settings. This Course can be purchased online for self-study or experienced in person.

Learn the fundamentals of Sound, Vibrational Waves, and Frequencies and how they rejuvenate the Mind, Body, and Soul. You will become familiar will many variations of Sound instruments, tuning forks, Aura Science (Chakras), and the many ways we can incorporate them into our modern-day society. Explore possibilities for the classroom, for calming and creating peace in your own home, and how to create an atmosphere of healthy sound in your living environment and workplace. A strong focus on understanding our inner world and how it manifests into our outer world. Everything is after all connected.

In tandem with Sound, we will focus on the brilliant abilities of Aromatherapy. Botanical Aromas surround us at every corner, how are they directly affecting you? You will learn how to tap into the importance of Sense Memory and its correlations to certain smells and aromas. Sense Memory is a map that we naturally create as we grow, develop, and more through life. It can trigger a great memory or a traumatic one. Learn how to identify a particular sense memory that has been holding you back, as well as alchemy for what invokes your inner happiness.

This Course experience will work closely with Essential Oils and the many ways to incorporate them into self-care, home, office space, and public spaces.

As a society, we are constantly bombarded with Sounds and Aromas. How can we uniquely integrate health and healing into going into our favorite getaways as well as crowded public places. After this course series, you will be able to share your experience and knowledge in your place in society. Possibly, offering an uplifting Sound and Aroma option for your family, employees, patrons, and guests.


Large Group & Small Group Sessions Available


In-person Seminar and Workshop: 2 Days

Online Seminar and Workshop: 2 Weeks

Online Self-Study Course and Book Available Soon

Understanding KARMA

An in-depth look and decoding of the concept of Karma and how it affects us today in our modern lives. This Course Workshop can be taught via self-study (purchase the course online), small or large groups, Human Resources & Staff Development in person, and Individually via Zoom.

Sometimes in life, we are burdened with misunderstandings as to why our life has taken certain uncomfortable turns. As well as how to navigate through difficult relationships with family, friends, or significant others. Here we are able to fully explore the world of cause & effect, life lessons, soul dynamics, soul contracts, balance, transmutation, paradoxes, and the unseen reality of the duality of the Universe and how to reconcile the inner and outer worlds within ourselves first.

As we consider and look at the vastness of our experience and our personal lives, then we are able to make sense of how we can restore ourselves to our greatest power. Some of our beloved close loved ones are living on a hamster wheel. You don’t have to, once you stop your own loops of your life, then you can also be an example to assist others out of their own hells.

This course includes Sounds, Aromas, Workbooks, and text samples of many various worldly philosophies.


Large Group & Small Group Sessions Available


In-person Seminar and Workshop: 2 Days

Online Seminar and Workshop: 2 Weeks

Online Self-Study

Course and Book Available Soon

You are here because now is the time to conquer the fear of Public Speaking.

This course is tailored for those crippled by fear of getting up and presenting a speech, presentation, or even one on one conversation with a new person in a business or private setting. For those who are confident standing in front of a crowd, but don’t have the words or impromptu skills to answer questions on a dime.

This course is also for you to sharpen your vocal and mental skills.

Public Speaking in general has many facets when it comes to delivering a memorable presentation. Anything can happen during your time on stage, so might as well have the tools to move forward in any situation.

In this course, we examine our Throat Charka, which holds the blocks and/or excitement for delivering our message. Tone, Vocal resonance, Body Language, Cadence, Memory, and Sharp Wit are all keys to reaching your audience.

This course can be workshopped in 3 days in person or 3 weeks online.

Follow-ups will also be expected in 1-month, 3-month period, and 6-month periods, to ensure you are growing more confident as a Public Speaker.

Course Materials are tailored to the level of each person or group.

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